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Electrolysis is the only safe and effective form of permanent hair removal that's fully accepted by medical doctors and approved by the FDA. It involves inserting a sterile probe into the hair follicle and applying a low-level electrical current to the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is the part of the hair follicle that contains blood and nerves and feeds the growing hair. By destroying the papilla and surrounding regenerative cells, the hair will die and won't regenerate. Many hairs are eliminated in only one electrolysis treatment, but some may need two or more treatments to be completely effective.

Electrolysis techniques

There are three effective electrolysis techniques that can be used to completely eliminate unwanted hair.

Galvanic Electrolysis is a chemical method that uses a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound capable of destroying the dermal papilla. The chemical is only produced in the follicle, so it does not affect any other areas. One probe or several probes can be used during this process.

Thermolysis is a method that uses a high frequency current to cauterize and destroy the dermal papilla. One sterile probe is used during this process.

The Blend method combines both currents in the same probe. Thermolysis enhances the action of the galvanic method to produce faster results.
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Causes of unwanted hair

There are many factors that contribute to unwanted hair growth. 
  • Hereditary traits like race, nationality, and family history 
  • Normal physiological changes like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause
  • A malfunction of the endocrine system like Cushing's Disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and thyroid conditions
  • Medication like birth control pills, cortisone, some seizure drugs, and high blood pressure medication
  • Topical influences like the abrasive nature of casts, sunburn, scars from injuries, and prolonged tweezing or waxing
  • Stress, both emotional and physical

Treatment areas

For women, fashion often dictates how much or how little hair is "stylish". Most common treatment areas include the hairline, eyebrows, ear, top of the nose, cheeks, side-burn area, upper and lower lip, chin, throat, neck, shoulders, back, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, legs, bikini line, hands, feet, toes, and fingers.

For men, permanent hair removal has become much more common in the twenty-first century. The most common treatment areas are the hairline, eyebrows, beard lines, shoulders, back, neck, chest, ears, and nose. Electrolysis can also help eliminate ingrown hairs.
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